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Aside from offering coupon code, coupon and promo code, Coupons Filter do not provide any other service. We acknowledge online e-commerce stores and allows our users to avail discounts while purchasing from these stores. With the help of our platform, users can easily be able to get exciting discounts. By getting indulge in our service, you at this moment agree to subject to our technological capabilities that will be added to your specific browser

What We Offer

Couponsfiler.com does not hold any responsibility. Neither provides any sort of warranties that are offered by brands, retailers, third parties of their products, coupon codes, promotions, coupons, and other exclusive deals. In any way, the website does not have any control over the retailers, and in no way it supports them. If any problem arises concerning their website, we will not take any responsibility

Retailers listed on Coupons Filter have complete control to cancel any coupon codes that are available on its platform. This can take place without any prior warnings at any time. We don't contain any link to the coupons that retailers offer. You will find the links published for their online redeemable coupons, which they determine through the terms and conditions they have. Our priority is to assist our respected members and users in saving money on all their purchases by using the available coupons.

General Terms

By accepting our terms and conditions, you're hereby accepting the agreement to our services as well as being granted a license to use our website. With using our service, you agree to be bound by this agreement. The term "you" or "User" refers to a Visitor. While the term "we" refers to the website, Please ensure that you are 18 or above as it is the legal age to be active. We will take no responsibility in case any problem arises for a user belonging from the age below 18. By agreeing to all of the terms and conditions, you are acknowledging that you are above the legal age and are a human, not any form of bot or such, and agree with our terms and conditions.

We are also not responsible if any information given by the users is incorrect or out-of-date. In such a situation, users are themselves accountable to correct and update their account information. Neither do we hold any lost mail either sent by us or by any third-party retailer for whom the coupons were used.

Refer-a-Coupon to Us

All the information related to the current Refer-a-Coupon terms is available here.

If you don't know what Refer-a-Coupon is, it actually means that if you have any Coupons that belong from Third Party that you are willing to share with others, it can be done through our website.

Users may share a number of referral coupons by including them on the website. However, Coupons Filter does not hold any responsibility for coupons shared by the members or any third-party platform. These coupons are only available here, though any problem that arises won't be dealt with as we do not take any responsibility for them. So while using it you have to agree to the given terms, or if you don't, then it is better not to use them.


All members that are present on our website should be above the age of 18 and above, which is the legal age to be active on our platform. Coupons Filter does not hold any responsibility if any problem comes up when the period is given incorrectly.

Moreover, all members should be independent individuals who are searching for coupons and deals to save up money as we do no attempts by automated machines are accepted. All members should have existing email addresses, so it is convenient for us to contact them and provide all the necessary information.

Also, all members are allowed to have a single account on this platform; this indicates that per publisher person, you can only use one account on Coupons Filter. Any other accounts would be requiring permission from us first.

Suspension & Termination of user accounts:

We hold the right to suspend your use of service or website if you violate any of our agreements.

We also hold the right to terminate your use of the service and website if you violate any of our agreements.


Couponsfilter.com services are in no means responsible neither do they give any guarantee regarding the price being offered or the terms that the coupons are being offered. Subsequently, we also don't guarantee the availability of coupons for any retailer or the quality of their coupon and the product. We also don't offer any warranty. In case there is an issue of that kind, all individual users themselves are responsible for the retailer's privacy policies. We highly recommend that the users should be careful and should always review the terms and procedures that the retailers provide for the coupon and their items.


• All the Coupons and discount deal with a valid expiry date will work.

• In case you place an order by availing coupons from our platform, and the discount doesn't work, you're as a result of this requested to contact us within 24 hours. Ensure that you mention the coupon and order details.

• Determination of eligibility of your account and the coupon being applied will be at the sole discretion of Couponsfilter.com.

Note: The users themselves must make sure that the purchases they are making meet all the requirements.

Use of Coupons Filters

Coupons Filter is available only for personal assuage. We have zero-tolerance for any individual or organization that recreates any of the components of our website in any form to be used for commercial means without acquiring written permission from us. We are totally against and strictly don't allow any reproduction, duplication, distribution, publication, modification, or transmission of material from our platform. All of the material that is covered in this prohibition includes, but is not restricted to, any content, graphics, photographs, and logos.

Content Disclaimer

All content given on our website is strictly provided on an "as is" basis and an "as available" basis. The provided information in the form of content is not enforced with warranties of any kind. We don't take any surety of content errors, content offers, and so on from any third party websites that are provided. Views presented by any third party websites and associations are in no way associated with us. Neither do any copyrighted, vandalized, or we affiliate slander websites provided by third-party sites, nor do they represent us as a company.

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